Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Math At The Supper Table Is A Choking Hazard

Why math at the supper table is a choking hazard.

OK...Y'all know I LOVE to shop. And what I love even more than the actual purchasing of stuff is finding a good deal. The thrill of the hunt. I'm cheap (feel free to sugar coat this by using words such as 'frugal, thrifty' whatever makes you more comfortable, I've got no problem with 'cheap'). One of my favorite stores to shop is Kohl's. With a coupon. And a promise of Kohl's Cash (free money, baby). I get all giddy inside when the Kohl's ad comes in the mail and I get to peel the sticker back to see what my savings are going to be. Sometimes the angels sing, sometimes they just hum.

So last week, I end up with a 30% coupon (which is the max amount and the angels sang) AND Kohl's is offering Kohl's Cash (for each X amount of dollars you spend, you receive Kohl's cash). Cha-Ching! (These two things together...I have died and gone to Heaven!) Basically they are paying me to shop. (Just let me have my moment, people)

Tuesday brings shopping. Wednesday brings shopping.

Suppertime Wednesday brings math, and choking.

The family is sitting down to supper, chatting about our day. There's some teasing from the Captain about my shopping. "What did I buy you?" he asks. "This and that, and this...and that." Then I proudly proclaim, "I have $60 in Kohl's cash to spend! This is FREE stuff. I actually get to go to the store and choose $60 worth of stuff and it cost me $0. ZERO DOLLARS!" I am giddy when laughter. Mascot, "Kohl's Cash?" Sk8ter, "Yeah, like for every $100 dollars you spend, you get $10 in Kohl's cash." Invisible numbers start flying. Eyes widen.

GASP! the supper table is NOT a good thing. Suddenly everyone is adding, multiplying and chewing, all at the same time. I glance at the Captain. He has done the math, and never flinches (he is GOOD that way). Mascot is in shock over the numbers. I am almost choking, trying to quickly correct Sk8ter's mistake. "It's $10 for every $50 spent, not for every $100. AND they gave me an extra $10 in Kohl's Cash. So really, it's not that much. I...."

The Captain laughs, as he is such a good sport. And continues to enjoy his home cooked meal on the NEW stainless steel cookware while admiring my NEW necklace and NEW shirt and thinking about how he wants to take me out while wearing my NEW hot black boots.

(See how I made my shopping all about him? I am GOOD that way!)

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