Friday, June 18, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, You'll Be Experiencing Slight Turbulence.

So...I'm sitting in the Seattle airport.  I should have only been passing through, but due to 'maintenance' on the airplane headed to Kelowna, my flight was cancelled.  nice.  Truly, I'd rather it have been cancelled BEFORE we took flight than to discover a problem in-flight or be stuck on the plane.  It's possible I'll be sitting here for 10 more hours.  The good news:  Free wi-fi, I'm surrounded by seafood restaurants (I've already enjoyed mahi-mahi fish tacos from Anthony's) and LOTS of people to watch.  I'm sipping coffee in Starbucks with the laptop plugged in (free electricity).   The bad news:  I'll have lost a day visiting with Kim and Donna, and the cream and sugar for my coffee are WAAAY over there.  I don't want to get up.  It's not bags are HeAvY!  It's a shame it's too much trouble to leave the airport or I could actually enjoy some of Seattle while stuck here.

'Turbulence' like this can bring out the really ugly side of people.  I had to stand in a really long line at customer service to be put on another flight.  There were only 2 more flights from Seattle to Kelowna today.  People were moaning and groaning about their situation.  What's the point of that?  Seriously...what can be done about it?  What's the point of griping at the ladies behind the customer service counter who had no control over the flight being cancelled?  They were doing the best they could to help everyone.  My suggestion was to bring out the people responsible for the cancellation and make them work the counter so they'd have to listen to the complaining.

I have some pictures for this post, but the cable to my camera is in my suitcase...which is 'I have no idea where' at this moment.  Hopefully it'll be on my flight to Kelowna tonight.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is it ketchup or catsup?

(this blog has nothing to do with condiments)'d think by the silence on this here blog that I've been sitting around doing nothing.  Here's a quick catch up (there's the ketchup/catsup reference, in case someone didn't get it). 

In April, I finally got in to see my GI doctor (catch up here).  He did an upper endoscope and confirmed that I had the H.pylori bacteria (and NO signs of ulcers or cancer) so I was prescribed Prevpac:  2 antibiotics and Prevacid.  3 days before I started the Prevpac, I started taking probiotics twice a day to avoid any side effects of the antibiotics ( know what I'm talking about).  I continued the probiotics 2 days after finishing the antibiotics.  It worked!  I had no side effects.  All that was fine and well, but my GI doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound of my gall bladder, liver, pancreas, aorta and kidneys.  He was more concerned about my gall bladder than anything he saw on the endoscope.  The ultrasound confirmed gall stones and it also picked up something on my liver.  nice.  The doctors were pretty sure it was a hemangioma (you can read about it here if you want) which is harmless.  I went for an MRI that confirmed the suspicion.  So relieved.  But now I have to have gall bladder removed, which I understand is no big deal.  It's done almost drive-thru.   That's scheduled for the end of this month.  Thankfully I've had NO pain episodes caused by my gall bladder since complaining to my doctor back in December.

Since the official start of my photography business (which you can check out here), I have been busy!  I've taken some senior photos, photos of some super fun young ladies, 'before' photos of a home renovation project and I have two scheduled weddings-one at the end of this month and one in October.  I also have a family photo shoot this month AND I get to travel to Canada to photograph the authors of a book, Radical Love.  (Here's a super fun story:  My best friend from junior high co-authored this book.)

My daughter graduated high school last Sunday.  The two weeks prior to that were busy planning a graduation party and preparing for her to graduate (preparing ME for her to graduate).  While working to put together a slide show for the party, I cried.  A lot.  Through photographs and memories, I relived her entire life.  It was wonderful (to see her grow up).  It was sad (people we've lost who didn't get to see her graduate).  And it was rewarding.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be her mom.  The party was great!  So many people that love Stephanie came to celebrate.  Her 84 year old great-grandpa prayed a blessing over her ~ it was the most touching part of the party.
(Great-Grandpa praying a blessing over Stephanie)

On May 17th our family was thrust into a crisis over which we had no control.  I was in panic mode for 3 days.  At that point, my mind and body could take no more so I surrendered the situation to God.  Yes, I know, I should have done that right away but my humanness takes charge sometimes.  Lessons we learn, right?  The situation has not yet resolved itself, but I no longer allow it to control me.   (Truth be told - I have moments of weakness.  Those are the times I call on my husband and friends to help rein me back in.  Prayer is an AWESOME thing!)  There's been anger and hurt.  Those things can wear a person out!

One of our bathrooms has been under construction/being remodeled for way too long.  But did you read all that stuff going on?  Seriously.  Whose idea was that?  (That's a running joke at my house:  I have LOTS of GREAT ideas that end up being LOTS of WORK at inopportune times.  But hey...I'll get them done eventually.)

* Speaking of in-over-my-head projects...Since having to scan 90% of the pictures (she was born before the digital camera age) for my daughter's slide show,  I have decided I need to/want to/should start scanning all of my old my birthday in August.  Good golly!   Whose idea was that? *

Now that school is out, I shall take up my 'Summer' schedule ~ staying up late and sleeping in.  It's highly likely you'll see much more of me.  Lucky you.  *wink*

*Did I say 'quick catch up'?  Hmmm...can't believe everything you read, huh?