Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time Keeps on Slipping...

So last night before I went to bed, I changed all the clocks in the house (coffee pot, microwave, cell phone, iPod, etc., etc., etc.) ('spring forward'). You be ahead of the game. And, it's really too hard to do the thinking that's required to figure out the 'new' time when the 'old' time still shows on the clocks after the stupid time changes. "What time is it? Is that old time or new time?"

I changed the time on my iPod and intentionally un-checked the 'automatic time update' box. I set the alarm on my iPod for Church O'Clock. (Can you already see where this is going?)

This morning, the sun was shining so nicely when my alarm went off. Ahhh...I felt pretty rested but decided to lay there for 5 minutes until my back-up alarm goes off on my cell phone (OCD). Nothing. I sneak a peak at my cell phone thinking my OCD had failed me. But it reads a different time than my iPod. "What the heck? What time is it? Is that the old time or the new time?"

Apparently, whether you want it to or not, the iPod will 'spring forward' all by itself...Even though I had already sprung it. Sooo...I actually lost two hours of sleep last night. Nice.

AND...the iPod didn't bother to coordinate with the automatic coffee pot in it's scheme to screw me out of an EXTRA hour of sleep, so I had no coffee ready this morning.

I couldn't help but laugh.

So now I'm sitting here, sipping my second cup of coffee (which will decide to land hard in my bladder right in the middle of Pastor Pete's sermon) with some extra time to enjoy the beautiful sunshine this morning.

Oh...and there's ONE guarantee having EXTRA time in the morning will mean. I'll be late leaving for church. How does that happen?


klarcher said...

Love the coffee cup, where can I get one. Yes on the time change, totally screws up your life for a day or so

Thrice Blessed said...

LOL!!!! You sound like me in the morning, the more time I have, the more time I take...