Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Are You Looking At vs. What Do You See?

(First of all, not related to point of this post, I'd like to publicly whine about the sorry size of our recycle bins.  "We want you to recycle, just not very much.")

This scene made me drive back around for a second look (and a photo).  Let me explain:  Today is recycle day.  Once a week, the recycle truck picks up the recycling.  So how did they NOT see the can labeled "recycle" right next to the recycle bin?  Because someone was focused ONLY on seeing the recycle bins. 

How much do we miss 'seeing' while we are focused on the task at hand?  How much 'living' have we missed out on while 'making a living'?

What are you looking at?  What do you REALLY see?


klarcher said...

I agree that we often only see what we want to see. The funniest thing I do when driving along is miss read words on signs ie: see Presbyterians instead of pedestrians in the Beware of ... signs

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Totally true! Of course, maybe it's that they spelled it "recyce" and the pick-up guys double as the grammar police. ;o) Thx for stopping by my blog today!

Snapshotsofhappiness said...

This is my first time stopping by your blog and I really like what you have to say. It is so true that sometimes we really don't SEE things.