Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Life Changed

I have been trying to figure out how to best convey my thoughts and feelings about my experience in Guatemala. Much to say with dozens of little stories to tell.

But first, a summary.  And a video.

I had a few goals while in Guatemala.

“To see God glorified.”
And boy did I! Through moving rocks, singing silly songs about frogs, icing cakes and painting, God was glorified. While teaching girls to make blankets and crochet, He was lifted up. His amazing grace was seen as stories of His redeeming love were shared. Simple acts of compassion, like sweet smiles and gentle touches, all communicated God’s love. Oh…and I can’t even begin to explain the awe of His majesty revealed in the beautiful landscape of Guatemala.

“To live in the moment and savor each smile and giggle.”
I witnessed so many smiles and giggles throughout this entire trip, with the children and between the team. Treasures I will remember for a very long time. God gave me a very special gift in Guatemala; Armando shared his joy with me. I have been truly blessed by his smiles and giggles. God allowed me to really experience this mission trip. From the pain of seeing the poverty and knowing the stories of the heartaches endured by some of these children all the way to the tears shed from laughing so hard, I felt it all. Really felt it all.

“If in one hug, or one song, or sharing a cupcake, or even a simple smile or gentle touch, I can help them forget the bad things that have happened to them and help them see that they have HOPE in Jesus, then my mission will be complete.”
Mission complete.

Some of the situations I saw and the stories I heard could have me questioning, “Where is God in this?” But my peace is explained in the lyrics of this song.

In places forgotten by the world, with discarded and rejected people…HE IS THERE.

I saw Him.

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