Monday, August 1, 2011

Strawberries and Smiles

I just enjoyed a visit with my beloved Grandmomma. The nursing home she’s in is very nice. The nurses are gentle and kind. The residents are happy and have everything they need and want. It’s an amazing place.

When I arrived, she was a little uncomfortable in the bed so I helped her get situated and straightened out the sheets. I moved the fan closer to her face and brought her a cool rag.

We snacked on fresh strawberries. She didn’t talk much, but she smiled at me. That sweet smile that I’ve missed so much…right there, and just for me.

It was a wonderful visit and I hated to leave.

God gave me a gift; being able to share strawberries and smiles with my sweet Grandmomma. You see…she has been gone for over 10 years, but through my dream He allowed me to be with her again.

The pain of losing her is fresh this morning, but I am forever thankful for our little visit.

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