Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Texas is in a severe drought. The worst in over a century. The word ‘epic’ has been used.

With no water, the grass has become crispy brown and plants are dying. High tree branches are falling to the ground due to lack of water. On a larger scale, crops and livestock are being affected. The consequences of the drought are dire. It rained here a little a few days ago, but the land is so parched it will take much more rain and a very long time to come out of this drought. A little rain is nice, and we are thankful for it. But what the ground needs is a good soak. Slow, steady, deep-watering will bring life back into the land.

Here at home, we are deep-watering our yard and the foundation of our home. Lightly watering will get us by, but it’s not the most beneficial way to nourish the grass, plants and trees and to prevent damage to the foundation.

Each Friday, Jim and I get to spend most of the day together. Even though it’s usually spent grocery shopping and running errands, we enjoy being together. After a long week of work, school and day-to-day stuff, we NEED the time together. Fridays are spent lightly watering our marriage.

He and I just returned from Cozumel; a long overdue vacation together. Our days were mostly spent lazily laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean and enjoying all of our meals together. There were no to-do lists. No phone calls to return or stacks of paperwork to sort. No laundry or dishes to wash.

On our agenda ~ Be together. And we were. Fully.

Four days spent deep-watering our marriage.


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