Friday, December 11, 2009

Cross Wall Hanging

Look what I did! I originally found the idea here.

I modified the idea by putting a cross in the center instead of letters. This was so simple. And you could make it any size you want.

I used 1/2" thick MDF, cut into 18 x 18 square. They'll do this at the hardware store for you. The entire sheet was 2' x 4' so I got two large squares and some smaller, longer rectangles leftover that I can use for something else.

Sand the edges.
I painted the square, two coats, using craft acrylic black paint.

Mod podge a 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbooking paper to the center of the board. Do this by marking where the paper will go on the board with a pencil. Using a generous amount of Mod Podge and a foam brush, cover area of board where paper will go. Place paper onto board, being careful it's exactly where you want it to go. Smooth it out. Some Mod Podge may come out edges.Make sure all edges are firmly down. Put a coat of Mod Podge over the entire board including top of paper. Do this sort of quickly, as the Mod Podge starts drying quickly.

Don't panic. The Mod Podge dries clear. I used the matte finish. It also comes in gloss.

Place a picture hanger on the back. I painted a cross bought at JoAnn's and glued it to the center using Amazing Goop, which I also bought at JoAnn's.

See how easy that was?

Estimated cost for this project: $6
I already owned the paint, glue and Mod Podge. Those cost about $11 to buy.

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Mrshappy said...

Love this!!! I am soooo stealing it :)