Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Am SOO Glad School Started...

...but not for the reasons you may think.  I've seen Facebook and Twitter posts galore about parents ready for the kids to be out of the house after a long summer break.  And while I've felt that way in years gone by, this year is different.

My kids are embarking on new adventures this year.  Uncharted waters.  My daughter is starting college.  My son is starting 7th grade and football.  I'm excited for these new phases in their lives and hope they enjoy these new life experiences.

Another reason I am so glad school has started:  So that we can get back to some sort of routine.  I don't do well for long without some sort of schedule.  I really love summer for lots of reasons.  One being the laziness:  We get to stay up late and sleep late.  Eat whenever and whatever we want (cookies and cheese puffs for breakfast).  Go swimming, ride go carts and vacation whenever we feel like it.  These are wonderful things which we are so blessed to get to enjoy.

I don't do well (mentally) after floundering around for too long.  Oh it's all fun and games in the beginning, but after a while, I long for some kind of order.  Some kind of schedule.  I hardly cooked at all this Summer. Many days were 'fend for yourselves'. (Mom of the Year award ceremony to be announced.)  While we have lots of fun during the summer, I don't get much 'have-to-do' accomplished.  

Maybe that's the lesson here.


The point of Summer break, perhaps?

Maybe this post just took a turn from where I originally intended it to go. 

I think I just cut myself some slack...without even meaning to.

Maybe I should re-title this post "Random Post That Takes A Dramatic Turn And Doesn't Really Have An Ending"

My name is Amy and I arm wrestled a Marine.