Thursday, November 18, 2010

The 'Why'

I have been passionate about photography my entire life.  My first camera (I think) was a disc film camera.  In fact, somewhere around here, I have an undeveloped disc.  Wouldn't it be interesting to see what's on there?

My passion for preserving memories comes from my Granny.  Throughout her entire life, she was a 'picture-taker'.  I loved this about her because her life and my life with her is well-documented.  During difficult times in my life, I have been comforted by perusing through the lovingly-taken photos of a much simpler life.

I am the 'picture-taker' in our family.  And I love it.  My kids can never say "Why aren't there more pictures of us?" 

I document the important stuff.  And stuff some people may deem 'not as important'.  But isn't it?  Isn't that simple photo of a child's toothless smile, a funny face or the Blizzards we had for supper important?

My memory is not good sometimes.  There are many periods of time throughout my life that I just cannot remember.  But I have photos to remind me.  Or that I can use to make up my own stories.  Either way, they serve their purpose.

And so I hope that, if others cannot remember, they will have my photographs to remind them of a happy time.  Even if they laugh at me for taking too many photos, isn't my job done?

Earlier this year, I officially started my photography business, Amy Hobbs Photography.  I spend time preparing before photographing my clients .  Taking into account each person I'll photograph and how I can capture their personality.  My goal is to express my creativity through my photography and to share my gift.

  That's the 'why'.

This moment is why.

And they are why.

And she is why.

And capturing Gabriel so proud he is turning 3 is why.

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Donna Lowe said...

Beautiful photos my friend. I wish I had taken as many pictures of my family. You are inspiring!