Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And The Winner Is...

(If you're here for a giveaway, you'll be sadly disappointed.  Unless you consider my rambling a gift.)

I have been searching for a New Year's theme.  I don't do resolutions.  Well, I'm good for about a week, then I'm done.  "I'm done with that" is a phrase I use often.  Too often.

I considered many words; themes for 2011.




And while all of these are great themes, and I pondered them each carefully, I have chosen "Follow Through" as my theme for 2011.

(gripping, huh?)

See, I have a problem following through.  As I sit in my unfinished 'office/craft room' I am surrounded with projects that are only partly finished.  Books that are almost read.  Lists that have things not crossed off.

I have lots of ideas.  Some of them are stupid and I should just not even bother.  They end up being clutter, for my mind.

But some of them are actually good.  And I should follow through.  But why don't I?  Fear.  Lack of confidence.  Wrong motivation (which is perfectly legitimate reason to not follow through).

So all of this brings me to my theme of FOLLOWING THROUGH.  Which means I am going to think about my ideas, decide which ones are actually doable, be honest about which ones I will really do (and are worth my time), consider my motivation and then (dot, dot, dot) do them. 

I believe 'Follow Through' will actually bring me the other things I considered:
Simplicity ~ I have many great ideas about organizing and making my life easier.  When I follow through on those, things will be much simpler.
Health ~ I have decided that taking care of my body is VERY important.  When I follow through on the things I know I should do, I will be healthier.
Peace ~ Sweet peace.  We all yearn for it, but do things daily that contradict it.  When I follow through with ideas for physical projects, mental and emotional nurturing, and spiritual growth, I will be more peaceful.

Blogging more is on my list of 'good ideas that fear took over'.  So...lucky you.  You'll get to read more from me. 

My sweet friend Ronne shared this blog on Facebook today.  It was exactly what I needed to make a decision for my theme.

"A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are built for." ~ John A. Shedd

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Tracy Vecchio said...

I love this Amy! I too struggle with follow through. At times I am amazing and others...yeah, not so much. I've also been praying and contemplating what is my "why" this year. What am I going to stick to? I was reminiscing the other day and was thinking back on my childhood and young adult years. From the time I was in 3rd grade I knew that I was going to work within special education. I didn't know what exactly just that I wanted to do that. I never lost that focus.

I also set goals for myself in HS of where I wanted to be with my life by the time I was 25. Guess what I achieved them. After that somewhere along the line life took over and I lost that focus/determination to "stick to it".

So...I really like your winner! Hugs my sweet friend!